If you’ve not already heard of it, the CJ Cinema Summit is a weekly live steaming event hosted by Celluloid Junkie. It enables those in the film industry to connect together and get up to date news and thoughts from a range of speakers on the current state of global cinema. There’s a live chat feature, and plenty of interesting insight on offer.

We’ve been attending each week, and it’s been great to hear what’s been going on from around on the world as people take steps to deal with the crisis.

Our CEO Dimitrios Mitsinikos was interviewed by video for the April 9 edition of the CJ Cinema Summit, speaking about the effect of the virus so far. The full video of the Summit, including Dimitrios’s interview, is available to view here.

“The CJ Cinema Summit is a vital and valuable initiative, bringing our industry together in this time of crisis. I am thrilled to share Gower Street’s research and discuss what might happen next on this week’s edition.”

You can register for the next edition here: cjcinemasummit.com