Gower Street CEO Dimitrios Mitsinikos discussed the international box office potential of Warner Bros’ WONDER WOMAN 1984 in a Variety article Wednesday (Dec. 2).

The article, titled “Can ‘WONDER WOMAN 1984’ Lasso a Hit for the International Box Office?“, saw Variety journalists Manori Ravindran and Naman Ramachandran speak to a cross section of key industry experts. It discussed the situation the Patty Jenkins film will face on its international release in December (rolling out through January) and gaged opinion on Warner Bros’ decision to release in December.

While some European interviewees were sceptical about the opportunities in Europe, Dimitrios pointed to strong potential across the Asia Pacific region. He suggested the majority of the film’s international box office was likely to emanate from Asia, with the region already having accounted for roughly 55% of the original WONDER WOMAN’s international box office.

Dimitrios predicted the film was likely to out-perform Warner Bros’ TENET at the international box office and suggested the release decision appeared wise given already evident 2021 calendar crowding. “I believe it’s a good decision from Warner Bros. not to move the film to a later date, as we’re expecting the end of Q1 and Q2 to be a pretty busy period, and many films will find it hard to reach their expected pre-COVID targets,” said Dimitrios.

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