Gower Street’s Director of Theatrical Insights, Rob Mitchell, discussed the UK 2021 box office recovery this week in London newspaper City A.M. Rob spoke with journalist Leah Montebello for the article, which centered on the profit forecast released by exhibitor Everyman.

Titled “Every man wants an Everyman: group forecasts booming profits“, the article was published Monday Nov. 22.  Montebello spoke to Gower Street to discuss what had been driving recent box office success and how 2021’s cinematic return had out-gunned that seen post-lockdown 2020. Everyman’s profit forecast had come less than a week after Cineworld published its own booming results.

Rob credited James Bond title NO TIME TO DIE with being the biggest driver of success, paving the way for following releases. “What Bond has done is bring people back who weren’t already back to our cinemas,” Rob said. “The figures really come down to the quality of the products that are coming into the market at the moment.”

He also discussed the more rapid return to UK box office “base line” figures in 2021.

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