Gower Street’s Chief Analyst, Theatrical Insights, Thomas Beranek, discussed the relation between theatrical and digital distribution in the times of COVID-19 with Reuters Germany this week.

Thomas was interviewed by Nadine Schimroszik for the Reuters Germany article, entitled “Filmpremiere im Wohnzimmer – Streaming statt Kino?

Thomas suggested that the current studios decisions to more often skip the theatrical distribution and release titles to PVOD (e.g. MULAN) or on streamers instead is “first of all a corona-related development. However, recently established streaming services also opened up alternatives to classic cinema exploitation for film studios in the future.” He further commented on the threat of a shortened theatrical window as a result of the 17-day AMC and Comcast deal, suggesting that the sustainability of so short a term, and the implication for cinemas in a post-COVID-19 world, remains to be seen as it is shaped mainly by the pressure of the COVID-19 context.

The story also features interviews with Martin Moszkowicz, Chairman and President of Constantin Film; Frank Thomsen, General Manager of CinemaxX; and Christian Braeuer, Managing Director of Yorck-Kino Group.

The article has been picked up by multiple German publications, including MSN, Finanzen and Onvista, as well as Cash in Switzerland.