Gower Street’s Chief Analyst Thomas Beranek and Director of Theatrical Insights Rob Mitchell feature in the latest issue of Germany’s CINEMA magazine. The new issue, which hit the stands on Friday (Aug. 25), including a feature article on the ongoing Actors’ and Writers’ strikes in Hollywood. CINEMA journalist Oliver Noelle spoke to both Thomas and Rob about the potential impact of the strike on box office.

Rob explained how the big concern, from an exhibition and box office stand-point, was how long the strike would last as that was likely to see more films postponed. On Thursday afternoon, just before the article was published, news broke that Warner Bros’ DUNE: PART TWO was the latest title to jump off its 2023 release date for a safer (and, hopefully, cast promotable) March 2024 date.

Thomas pointed to how, during the pandemic, countries with a strong local film industry were better off, highlighting the opportunity the strike, and any delay in Hollywood productions and releases, might have for local titles. He also discussed the current standing of box office in the German market in 2023 in a break-out interview.

The article, titled “Der Grosse Krach” (“The Big Bang”) is featured below.