Deadline Hollywood published an article this week looking behind the scenes at the factors involved in the decision to release Spanish hit FATHER THERE IS ONLY ONE 2 (PADRE NO HAY MAS QUE UNO 2) in late July. It discusses how Gower Street worked with the film’s producers to “evaluate the commercial potential of release dates between late July and December.”

The article by Anthony D’Alessandro was titled: “‘Padre No Hay Más Que Uno 2’: How Gower Street & Comscore Predicted Spain’s B.O. Hit & The Lesson For PVOD-Obsessed Studios During Pandemic“.

It looked at how Gower Street had been able to use our predictive market service FORECAST to provide the film’s producers Bowfinger International Pictures with an evaluation of the commercial potential of different release dates throughout 2020 in Spain. FORECAST combines Comscore data with Gower Street’s market simulation software. This research ultimately factored in to the final decision to launch on July 29, providing the sequel with a clear four-week runway.

Producer María Luisa Gutiérrez told Deadline: “Comscore and Gower Street were able to make box-office predictions in the midst of great uncertainty. Now that the decision has passed and the film has 11 days of box office, I can say that they nailed the prediction.”

D’Alessandro also spoke to Arturo Guillén, Comscore Movies’ EVP & Global Managing Director, and Gower Street CEO Dimitrios Mitsinikos for the article. Dimitrios described the producers’ ultimate decision to release the sequel earlier than later in the pandemic marketplace as being “like a car that has gone into a skid”. “We’re driving into the skid,” said Dimitrios. “It’s counter-intuitive, but it’s the only way to save the car. Based on what we’re seeing now in Spain, this is a fantastic sign of what’s to come in the theatrical marketplace especially with Warner Bros.’ TENET on the horizon. People are ready.”

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