By Dimitrios | March 6, 2018

Welcome to our new website.

Gower Street Analytics, or Gower Street, as our industry friends call us, brings Predictive Analytics to the movie industry.

We’ve been working away on our products and technologies in stealth mode for the last few years, revealing details only to a few select partners and clients. We are fast approaching the point where we’d love to share what we’ve been doing with a wider audience.

Our first product, FORECAST, predicts how a movie will perform by day in a market, months before its release date, based on a large number of factors. No magic involved here, just hard data, business expertise, cloud computing and smart algorithms: think more “advanced GPS technology” and less “crystal ball”. Through our partnership with comScore Movies, we have our hands at the best box office dataset available and our experienced team of Film Distribution and IT professionals make the best out of it.

The most important business use of FORECAST is as a Release Date Optimisation tool. Our tag line in presentations is “No two dates are the same”, as each release date offers different opportunities and challenges. Every film gets typically one main cinema release and FORECAST can simulate all potential release dates and identify the most profitable ones.

FORECAST is a complex system that is constantly under development. Within our team, we have the right blend of film and technical expertise. Our growing number of clients globally shows that we are moving towards the right direction.

This website will be the first place to hear about new discoveries we make, as we trawl huge amounts of historical box office data. Our Tech team will discuss the architecture we use to run the complex simulations that drive our systems. Our Film team will give you market insights from our analysts across the world. FORECAST is the first of a suite of tools and products we are planning to release over the next five years; new product releases will be announced here. Stay tuned!

By the way, are you are wondering why we picked Gower Street as the name for our company?

In 1911, Nestor Motion Picture Company, a company originally based in New Jersey moved to Hollywood, on Gower Street. It was the very first movie company to move to Hollywood and one of the very first movie companies in California. Their move to Hollywood was based on an analysis that suggested they would become more profitable in California. More sunny days in Hollywood meant more outdoor filming opportunities than in New Jersey! This analysis that took place over 100 years ago, was the first and probably the most important piece of research that truly shaped the film industry and made Hollywood its global capital.

We hope that more industry-transformative research comes out of our Gower Street over the next few years!

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