Gower Street’s Chief Analyst of Theatrical Insights, Thomas Beranek, was once again invited to be a panellist on the second edition of Comscore’s German coronavirus webinar. The webinar, which took place Tuesday May 26, focused on the required steps for re-opening cinemas in the local market given the COVID-19 restrictions in place.

The webinar attracted attention in the German media, with Germany’s leading movie industry website mediabiz.de covering the event.

The webinar was hosted by Bernd Zickert, General Manager Germany, Austria, Netherlands & Turkey at Comscore Movies. Thomas joined featured panellists including Kim Ludolf-Koch, Managing Director at Cineplex; Benjamina Mirnik-Voges, Managing Director at eOne; Christian Pfeil, Board Member AG Kino, Bjoern Hoffmann, Managing Director at Pandora Film and Board Member AG Verleih and Oskars Killo, Head of Business Development at Showtime Analytics.

Thomas gave an update of the admission-based 5-stage markers for the German market of Gower Street’s “Blueprint To Recovery”. In that context he introduced the “Market Growth Tracker” including a version that excluded the exceptionally well performing local drive-ins. He also provided an outlook on the expected timeline to hit each stage in Germany, and highlighted the chances of speeding up the process with coordinated market wide initiatives and optimized dating. Consequently complementary dating becomes more important than ever to avoid cannibalization, as seen in an “Italy in autumn” scenario.

Thomas ended by emphasising that there is still significant potential in the German market in 2020. Despite strong restrictions until December, modelling of the seating capacity allows technically another 50 million admissions.

Gower Street recently published an article on the box office expectations for Germany in 2020 based on the current modelling in our FORECAST system.

The full Comscore Germany webinar is available to watch below: