We’re pleased to announce to our FORECAST customers that they will now be able to use our Scenarios tool with Unset titles from the Comscore release calendar.

FORECAST is being updated daily with the latest accessible date changes and cinema closure information. However, given the ongoing re-shuffling of release calendars, Gower Street is keen to make sure that our FORECAST customers can also access features that enable them to make dating decisions at this challenging time.

Scenarios provide a simulation of the marketplace that allow you to incorporate anticipated release date additions or changes. This is something that we foresee to be vital to our customers who are all impacted by the current uncertainty of the theatrical releasing landscape.

If you are a FORECAST customer and you can’t see the changes yet, a hard refresh (CTRL + F5 on Windows, CMD + Shift + R on Mac) should resolve this. As always, customer feedback is always welcome via our ‘chat’ function!