Gower Street once again closed out one year (2022) and kicked off the new year (2023) with a host of media exposure. Our early 2023 global forecast, announced December 16, continued to pick up attention into January 2023, often in direct reference to our announcement of our estimate of the final global box office result for 2022, announced January 5.

The Jan. 5 announcement brought a swift flurry of coverage, with all four of the industry trade publications carrying the news. Variety, Deadline and Screendaily all featured articles on the announcement, with Screen showcasing Gower Street’s pie chart, while The Hollywood Reporter featured a table of our end-of-year figures as part of a broader article about 2022 by Pamela McClintock. Deadline‘s Nancy Tartaglione then led-off Gower Street’s 2022 figures again in her always highly anticipated box office review of the year on Jan. 10.

The trade articles generated pick-ups around the world, from direct coverage of the final 2022 figures, to references in mainstream newspapers including The New York Times and Le Figaro, to featuring in opinion pieces ranging from IndieWire to Breitbart.

Gower Street CEO Dimitrios Mitsinikos also presented and discussed the 2023 projections on Celluloid Junkie‘s first CJ Cinema Summit of the new year on Jan. 19.

Outside of the 2022 and 2023 announcement coverage, Screendollars carried our monthly Global Box Office Tracker article – a long-standing association between Gower Street and our friends at Screendollars.

In total Gower Street’s figures, projections and analysis featured in over 50 articles across 19 different countries during January 2023.

You can access and read any of the articles mentioned in this summary by clicking on the hyperlinks in the text or, for the five trade publication articles, by clicking on the images below.