After a brief hiatus, Comscore returned with an expanded edition of their online Forum, Uniting Iberoamerica on October 14. After 13 engaging and insightful sessions aimed at the Latin American region, with the intention of sharing experiences and good practices, the Forum was expanded to include Spain, Portugal, and Andorra.

Xochitl Pastor, Gower Street’s representative for Latin America, presented on Gower Street’s 5-stage Blueprint To Recovery and charted the progress of open markets in Latam and Spain, as well as analysis of box office performance during the reopening period of cinemas in Mexico.

Xochitl presented several graphs on the reopening of Mexico. The graph below (focused on box office) highlights when key cities, as well as key titles, opened. On June 5, 10 theaters opened their doors; at the end of July the first top 10 city in the country was able to open: Tijuana. However, it was not until August 12, when Mexico City allowed the operation of cinemas, that wide releases were possible.

The peak on the graphic is the release of the alternative content title BTS: BREAK THE SILENCE, the latest documentary featuring the popular K-pop band. Additional graphs considered admissions during the period, which followed the same trajectory as the box office performance; and average ticket price, which remained fairly constant throughout except for a slightly higher spike for the BTS movie’s launch.

Xochitl concluded that the data showed audiences had not stopped attended cinemas in Mexico, but there was evidence the cinemas required more content in order to increase public interest.

María Luisa Gutiérrez, CEO of Bowfinger International Pictures and new President of Spain’s State Film Association, also shared her experience of the impressive theatrical performance of FATHER THERE IS ONLY ONE 2 (PADRE NO HAY MAS QUE UNO 2) in Spain. Gower Street had consulted with Bowfinger on possible release scenarios.

The other panelists included Luis Vargas, Vice President of Comscore LATAM; Borja de Benito, Head of Communication and Marketing, FECE (Federation of Spanish Cinemas), who presented the results of a survey of Spanish moviegoers to find out their feelings regarding safety and returning to the cinema; and Eric Martí, Managing Director of Comscore France, who shared insights into the progress of theatrical box office in France. The Forum was moderated by Rodrigo Cerón, Director of Marketing at Comscore LATAM.

The Forum was also covered in detail in Spain’s Cine & Tele.