Gower Street’s special edition “end of year 2020” Road To Recovery report, published Jan. 5, provided a source of insight into the COVID-19 virus’ impact on global box office in a recent Deadline article. Gower Street forecasts that 2020 was 71% off 2019 globally and 67% off the average of the last 3 years (2017-2019) internationally.

Nancy Tartaglione’s  article, published Wednesday Jan. 6, focused it’s attentions towards the international market and in particular the rise of local films. Gower Street’s Road To Recovery Report, which covers 30 countries and 65+ US states, was again quoted within the context of individual markets. Japan fell just 41% compared to the average of the past 3 years, the smallest fall of any Comscore tracked territory. Whilst in the UK, prior to cinemas being ordered shut in March, the market was up 7.6% year-on-year.

The article was also picked up in multiple publications around the world. These included Germany’s Blickpunkt Film and Blick.de, Russia’s Regnum and Ria Fan news agencies, Brazil’s Correio Braziliense and LeiaJa Nacional, and Indonesia’s Business Insight.