These are difficult times for the world, for our industry. The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting us all.

Sadly we have also not been immune to the impact of this crisis. We have had to place two-thirds of our amazing team on furlough to drastically reduce our running costs.

At Gower Street, we are working hard to help our distribution and exhibition friends however we can, offering insight and analysis into understanding what is and has been happening in this crisis; where this situation might lead us and what we might do to mitigate the impact. We are doing everything we can to ensure that we provide our customers with our core services and help the industry through these unprecedented times.

We have therefore created a new report, which tracks the evolution of the pandemic and its effects in theatrical markets around the world:

  • Cumulative market totals
  • Number of cinemas open and volume of daily business
  • Daily and cumulative mortality rates
  • Expert commentary on the status of every market
  • 30+ page report with 90+ graphs covering 30 countries

These reports will be updated twice a week, so you can keep track of all the latest changes and we will also regularly add new features to provide you with all the information you need to weather this crisis. We are planning on running this report until the end of the year. Our reports will allow senior industry executives and business owners to monitor the recovery process in the theatrical markets around the world, spot recovery patterns and identify and apply best practices.

We hope that in offering this service you will also be able to help us weather it too, supporting Gower Street by subscribing to the report, either bi-weekly or weekly. You also have the option to purchase one-off reports at times suited to your business or circumstances and will be able to choose whether to receive the domestic or international reports (or both) as desired.

We will also continue to publish new analytical articles in the articles section of this website, which are available free of charge.

Together we will make it through.

If you would like to buy  our “The Road to Recovery” report, click here.