UNIENDO Latam (Uniting Latam) is a weekly Film Industry Update Forum, launched on March 31 this year. Hosted by Comscore Latam, the weekly forum aims to keep the industry together during the COVID-19 crisis. The webinars feature a range of contributors and provide information on the current box office situation to aid decision making for Latin American exhibitors and distributors.

Gower Street’s Latin American consultant, Xóchitl Pastor is participating regularly as a speaker at these weekly webinar events. In the second session (April 7) she presented analysis of box office behaviour during the 2009 AH1N1 pandemic in Mexico. This was with the aim of using it as a basis for tracking potential box office recovery following COVID-19.

Gower Street CEO Dimitrios Mitsinikos also contributed to the first meeting on March 31, where he presented our 5 Step Blueprint for Recovery. He emphasised the importance of collaboration between exhibition and distribution, as well as the need to closely monitor recovery across global markets.

The UNIEDO Latam forum continues weekly, with contributions from panelists across various sectors of the film industry.

The full video for the March 31 event, featuring Dimitrios, is available below:

The full video for the April 7 event, featuring Xochitl’s analysis of the AH1N1 outbreak in 2009, is available to view here:

Access to all previous editions, and the link to sign up for future webinars, is available here.