Germany’s Blickpunkt once again picked up Gower Street’s latest Global Box Office Tracker. The monthly GBOT article, which sees our Chief Analyst Thomas Beranek look back at the highs, lows and inbetweens of the global box office with comparison to previous years, both pre- and post-pandemic, now regularly features in the German film magazine. The title of the latest Blickpunkt article by Marc Mensch literally translates as: ‘Local Productions made the Difference: The Cinema Markets in October‘. It was published Friday Nov. 4.

Thomas’s original article, published Thursday (Nov. 3), highlighted a number of European markets, including Germany, where the success of local productions had resulted in a stronger October result than seen in many other markets which had to wait for the release of BLACK ADAM towards the the end of the month. Germany enjoyed particular success with family comedy sequel THE SCHOOL OF MAGIC ANIMALS 2 (DIE SCHULE DER MAGISCHEN TIERE 2), which was top-grossing title in October with $12.3 million, and has already sold more tickets than any other local title in the pandemic era.

The full Blickpunkt article can be read here, or by clicking on the image below.