Gower Street’s Director of Theatrical Insights, Rob Mitchell, spoke to the UK’s Guardian newspaper this week about TOP GUN: MAVERICK and the appeal of “legacy” sequels.

Speaking to Guardian journalist Andrew Pulver, Rob discussed the desire of legacy sequels to draw in both a guaranteed audience familiar with the material, characters and actors, while also appealing to a new, younger audience. The article, titled ‘TOP GUN: MAVERICK and the unstoppable rise of the ‘legacy sequel’‘ was published Friday, May 20.

“You definitely want to get the legacy audience who are already familiar with it and love it, and you also want to bring in a new audience who may not know or care much about the legacy characters – so you create new characters for them,” said Rob. “TOP GUN: MAVERICK has got a whole cast of young actors, amazing aerial footage, in-camera stunts, which are there to excite everybody – as well as Tom Cruise returning to his star-making role. The hope is that will be intriguing enough for people to come in huge numbers.”

Other contributors included Variety‘s Executive Editor Steven Gaydos and Anna Smith, host of the Girls On Film podcast.

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