Gower Street’s Director of Theatrical Insights, Rob Mitchell, was once again invited to take part in Comscore UK’s latest Coronavirus webinar this week.

Hosted by Lucy Jones, Executive Director at Comscore Movies, the fourth Comscore webinar focused on UK/Ireland took place Wednesday July 1.

Rob joined featured panellists including: Anthony Andrews, Co-Founder & Creative Director at We Are Parable; Tyrone Walker-Hebborn, Owner of UK independent movie theater Genesis Cinema in Bethnal Green, London; and Eric Marti, General Manager, France at Comscore Movies.

Rob shared latest end-of-year box office estimates for UK/Ireland, following recent release calendar changes. He also spoke about the growth being seen in other, already open, international markets in Gower Street’s Road To Recovery reports and key drivers of markets that have achieved Stage 2 and 3 targets on our Blueprint To Recovery. He then showed where we currently predict the box office targets of the UK’s Blueprint To Recovery to occur, discussing the importance of major titles such as James Bond film NO TIME TO DIE.

The webinar kicked off with Anthony presenting a fascinating early look at We Are Parable’s research of over 1,000 UK respondents into customer confidence in returning to cinemas among black, Asian and other ethnic minority groups. The research showed a notable difference in feedback from respondents from black, Asian and ethnic minority groups compared to that from white respondents. Tyrone then spoke about the specific plans in place and challenges faced for the Genesis Cinema to re-open this week. Eric capped the session with insight into the positive outcomes seen in France’s first week of re-opening and how this had been achieved.

The full webinar is available to watch below: