CNBC became the latest major news organisation to quote figures from Comscore and Gower Street in an assessment of the 2020 global box office. In an article published Sunday January 10, Sarah Whitten quoted extensively from figures provided by Comscore and Gower Street that featured in Gower Street’s end-of-year 2020 Road To Recovery report.

In an article titled “Asia is dominating the box office, and the U.S. could too, if it handled the pandemic better“, Whitten highlighted many of the key figures laid out in the Road To Recovery report, as well as in regional box office breakdowns provided. These included Gower Street’s estimate of the final global 2020 box office ($12.4bn), a drop of 70%, and the dominance of the Asia Pacific market (accounting for 51% of total 2020 box office and nearly 78% of box office between August and the close of the year).

Whitten also spoke to Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst at Comscore. He suggested the return to normalcy may be a long road but that successes seen in the Asia Pacific region could provide templates to learn from. “No doubt the road back to a normal bog screen marketplace will take a lot of time and loads of patience,” he said. “But the lessons learned by the example of countries that have bounced back strongly over the past many months show that a well-managed Covid response and appealing new movies can together provide the spark to ignite box office prosperity now and in the future.”

The full article (including graphs) can be accessed via the above link or by clicking on the image below.

The article and data was also picked up in other publications around the world including: Belgium’s Business AM, Portugal’s Executive Digest, Saudi Arabia’s Al Ekhbariya, Taiwan’s Commercial Times, Thailand’s Positioning, and Vietnam’s Fili.