Cinemas may be opening, but until the release calendar has some major titles in play, it’s just a script read, not a shoot.

The Domestic re-opening eagerly awaits titles like MULAN and TENET to get properly underway, and with the latter’s release date firming up for the end of July, we finally have a date for a cinema comeback. However, TENET’s two-week shift (announced Friday June 12) caused another instant shake-up of the release calendar after a couple of quiet weeks for changes.

We’ve re-run our popular release changes infographic to show the knock on effect of the latest moves on the calendar for the next three years. The latest interactive version is below. For best results view this page in a desktop browser such as Google Chrome. You might need to refresh the page to see it. Hit ‘play’ to begin:

The visualization begins with the calendar as it was at the beginning of January this year, and progressing through all the changes we have seen this year so far.

Each film is a circle, its size showing the relative size of the predicted or actual box office. The colour represents the studio releasing it: circles fade when the film releases.

As the animation progresses, films moving to a future date arc over the top of the timeline. Films moving forward arc under the line. Any film that is removed completely or remains unset simply drops off the calendar.

Move your mouse over the circles and arcs to get more information on the films and calendar changes.

As you watch you will see the dramatic change flowing from the middle of March as the calendar experiences a mass exodus of titles, leaving a clear period in the schedule. After a quiet period in early June the latest flurry of activity, kicked off by Warner Bros’ slate changes, is evident.

You can also drag the timeline further into the future to visualize all the release changes and how they stretch into 2021 and beyond.

Do you have any questions about this visualization? Get in touch and let us know!

Perhaps you’re wondering how such radical changes might affect the box office? That’s detailed in our “Road to Recovery” report. You can buy international and domestic versions from our reports page.