Gower Street film analyst Alex Osben featured in the UK’s The Guardian newspaper on Saturday, October 16, discussing the release and expectations surrounding HALLOWEEN KILLS.

The article by The Guardian’s arts and culture correspondent Nadia Khomami was titled “Halloween Kills marks new high in ‘horror renaissance’“. It looked at the ongoing horror boom and anticipation for HALLOWEEN KILLS, the latest in the long-running slasher franchise, as it opened around the world including in the US and UK.

Alex pointed to distributor confidence in the franchise’s appeal denoted by the already announced HALLOWEEN ENDS, due for the same October weekend in 2022, “…which means they had enough faith that people would turn out for this one.” She also pointed to the smart strategy of recently releasing the early films in the franchise onto Netflix.

Alex was one of several industry experts consulted for the article. Other contributors included Alison Peirce, associate professor in film and media at Leeds University; David Hancock, research director of cinema at Omdia; Mike Muncer, host of the ‘Evolution of Horror‘ podcast; and film director Charlotte Colbert, whose psychological horror SHE WILL, starring South African actress Alice Krige, Malcolm McDowell and Rupert Everett, played at the London Film Festival at the weekend having premiered at the Locarno Film Festival in August.

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