Gower Street released an updated 2021 Global Box Office Projection on Tuesday October 26, which was immediately picked up by major film media around the world. All four of the key English-language trade publications, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Deadline, and Screendaily, covered the announcement of the revised estimate, with each taking slightly different angles on the news.

In Variety, Patrick Frater highlighted the prediction that China would represent over a third of global box office in 2021 – the first time the market has done so. This brought added attention to the regional and key-market split of the projection. Frater also referred back to our estimate the following day in an exclusive article announcing IMAX’s best ever year for local, non-English language films.

Screendaily‘s Ben Dalton focused in on the revelation that October was the first month in 2021 to perform at “near-normal” global box office levels. Nancy Tartaglione in Deadline led off the increase to the estimate and its primary cause, a “powerful October”, while Pamela McClintock’s take in The Hollywood Reporter emphasized how the projected 2021 result would compare to the previous two years.

The Hollywood Reporter referred back to the estimate when looking at the bumper Domestic October for an Oct. 31 article. This was picked up in other outlets, including NU in the Netherlands, Brazil’s Olhar Digital, Indonesia’s Antara News, and Vietnam’s VOV.

The story was also picked up by German publication Blickpunkt Film, written by Marc Mensch, which led on how box office successes of the past few weeks had led to the revision.

Additionally, Slashfilm‘s Ryan Scott quoted Deadline’s article in his own coverage of the news. This article was, in turn, picked up by IMDb. The story was also covered by Celluloid Junkie, which featured our region/key market breakdown via our sunburst graphic.

All these articles can be read in full by clicking on the links in the copy above or on the images below.

Other outlets covering the 2021 projection included: Illinois News Today, Bultan News, Russia’s Kino Metro, Italy’s Bad Taste and E-Duesse, Marseille News and OM Mercato in France, Serien Junkies in Germany, Spain’s Vandal, Romania’s Hot News, Profit, and Stiri pe surse, Brazil’s Canaltech, Exibidor, Tudo Celular and Olhar Digital, Chile’s EzAnime, and Vietnam’s VOV.