Gower Street’s Director, Theatrical Insights Rob Mitchell was again called upon to lend his expert analysis to an industry discussion. In the weekly Showbiz Sandbox podcast, hosted by J. Sperling Reich and Michael Giltz, Rob was interviewed for the “Inside Baseball” section. This is where they “analyse some of the headlines that have the entertainment industry buzzing”.

The blueprint of The Blueprint

Rob covered a range of topics in an entertaining and engaging interview. As a whole host of countries hit targets in Gower Street’s Blueprint To Recovery recently, that was a primary focus. Speaking candidly, Rob outlined the premise of Gower Street’s 5 Stages of Recovery, as well as the reasoning behind their creation.

The differing ways in which certain markets have achieved the various stages, was also a talking point. Australia and China reached new stages recently, however in very contrasting fashions. There is really no ‘one size fits all approach’.

Aside from the Blueprint To Recovery, Rob also gave his thoughts on local productions. Throughout the crisis, recovery has often come in the form of strong local product helping to fill the gap left by Hollywood. Korea has been supplying much of Asia with a steady flow of new titles. Zombie sequel PENINSULA created a surge of box office through Korea and nearby territories.

Another local production Rob delved into was Spanish comedy PADRE NO HEY MAS QUE UNO 2. Using simulations from FORECAST to predict the optimum release date, Gower Street advised the producers to bring forward the release.

Of course, no film industry conversation is complete now without mentioning the film of the hour. Giving specific examples, Rob detailed the ways in which TENET (unlike a traditional blockbuster) had increased the fortunes of holdover titles. Despite TENET taking the lion’s share of the box office, in some markets, incumbent films saw a week-on-week increase.

You can listen to the full podcast “Showbiz Sandbox 509: The Five Stages of Box Office Recovery” here. Rob’s interview begins around the 43-minute mark.