South Korea has become the second global market to achieve the Stage 3 target of Gower Street’s Blueprint To Recovery. The Asian major finally joined Japan in the exclusive club with the playweek July 16-22, thanks to the success of TRAIN TO BUSAN sequel PENINSULA.

As shown on the Growth Trackers for South Korea (above), the week easily achieved the required goal (a week equivalent to the previous lowest box office week of the past two years). The box office hit over ₩17.5 billion ($14.6m) for the week, according to our partners at Comscore Movies.

The market came close to hitting the ₩13.7 billion target three weeks earlier with another Korean zombie film #Alive. The week including that film’s opening (June 25-July 1) generated 93% of the target across the entire market.

However, PENINSULA was in a class of its own. The much-anticipated sequel single-handedly generated enough box office to achieve the Stage 3 marker, taking over ₩16.0 billion in the July 16-22 playweek and nearly ₩19.0 billion including previews.

Japan was the first market to hit the target a month ago (June 20-26), thanks to the launch week of DOLITTLE.

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