Gower Street is offering an exclusive two-month free trial to our Road To Recovery reports.

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Designed by Gower Street and fuelled by our partners at Comscore Movies, these reports follow the COVID-19 crisis from impact to theatrical recovery worldwide. They are intended to provide an understand of what has happened, is happening, and could happen in markets around the world. They track the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on theatrical markets globally. They offer insight into growth occurring in different markets, states and regions that might offer guidance and opportunity for others.

Gower Street’s International Road To Recovery report features market-specific data on 29 international markets. Each market-view page (see Germany example, below) shows our custom built Growth Trackers, which show progress towards each stage of our 5-stage Blueprint To Recovery. We are also tracking 2020 box office levels in comparison to recent years; the number of cinemas reporting box office to Comscore in each market daily; and the progress of the COVID-19 virus; as well as offering market-specific commentary. The report also features our Global Box Office Tracker.

The Domestic Road To Recovery features the equivalent information for all 50 US states and 11 Canadian provinces. It also tracks state and regional box office across the US for 2020 in comparison to the past three years.

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