From today Gower Street has introduced a new feature on each market page of its international Road To Recovery report: a year-to-date by-market grid.

The impact of the COVID-19 virus is being felt in every country around the world. Even those few still operating are suffering following the decimation of the global release calendar throughout the second quarter of the year.

This market-view grid shows where box office for 2020 currently stands in every individual market compared to each of the previous three years. It considers a calendar view of local currency box office in each market, enabling readers to track the exact impact to date in any specific territory. The sample page depicting China (below) shows the new grid at the top left of the market view. It also shows how 2020 results currently compare to an average of the past three years in terms of both total and percentage of box office lost.

The international Road To Recovery report includes detailed views for over 30 individual markets across all regions. Alongside the new feature, each page includes custom commentary on the situation in each market and tracking graphs for box office, cinemas reporting, and COVID-19 mortality figures.

The year-to-date market-view grid is the latest new addition to the Road To Recovery report, with Gower Street planning to regularly introduce new features. Last week we debuted our Global Box Office Tracker which looks at daily figures for 2020 across global markets and compares them against the average figures in each market for the past three years to indicate the current deficit levels we are facing worldwide.

The latest international Road To Recovery report is available in our Reports section.