Latin America reaped the rewards of the arrival of F9 (aka FAST & FURIOUS 9) during the June 24 play-week. The latest film in the popular action franchise drove Colombia to achieve not only its Stage 3 target on Gower Street’s Blueprint To Recovery for the first time, but also Stage 4 (see Growth Trackers below). It even managed 88% of its Stage 5 target. Colombia is only the second Latin American market to achieve Stage 4 (measured as a box office play-week equivalent to the median play-week of 2018-2019).

The previous market in the region to have hit the mark, Argentina, also repeated the feat during the June 24 play-week, delivering 88.5% of its Stage 5 target (equivalent to a top quartile play-week of 2018-2019) into the bargain. The market first hit Stage 4 for the March 25 play-week following the opening of GODZILLA VS KONG.

Among the region’s two major markets, Brazil hit its Stage 3 target (equivalent to the lowest grossing week of the two pre-pandemic years) for the first time thanks to the F9 launch (see Growth Trackers below). Meanwhie, Mexico repeated at Stage 3, achieving 93% of its Stage 4 target.

Latin American markets weren’t the only ones hitting new targets in the last June play-week. Portugal also finally achieved Stage 3 for the first-time thanks to the F9 boost (the film single-handedly accounted for 90% of the required target).

The Domestic market also saw 11 new states achieve Stage 3 levels for the first time, including key box office states New York and Florida as well as Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington and Wisconsin. Six Canadian provinces also did so for the first time: Quebec, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan. The Domestic market as a whole (alongside 29 states) first achieved its Stage 3 target for the Memorial Day (May 28) play-week.

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