Variety has published a new article focused on Gower Street’s latest data on global cinema recovery. The article, written by Patrick Frater and published Thursday (Aug. 6), was titled “Nearly Half the World’s Cinemas Are Back in Operation, New Data Finds“.

The article looks at updated global and regional data, provided exclusively to Variety, which follows on from our own article looking at the market share of cinemas open globally. The data provided showed that by Saturday August 1 nearly half (48%) of global movie theaters by market share were re-open. Variety suggested the news “should come as some relief to exhibitors and distributors” given other recent industry developments.

The piece also included latest data from Gower Street’s weekly Road To Recovery reports, for individual market context as well as our analysis of current global box office lost in 2020 due to the pandemic. The industry can get access to our Road To Recovery reports by signing up for our free trial here.