Renowned global film industry publication Variety published an article Thursday (Aug. 27) based on Gower Street’s announcement that China had become the first global market to achieve all 5 Stages of our Blueprint To Recovery.

The Variety article, entitled “China Is World’s First Market to Achieve Full Box Office Recovery, Says Analytics Film“, was written by Rebecca Davis. It discussed how China had become the first market to achieve full recovery based on Gower Street’s 5-stage guidelines. It quoted directly from our own article “On Top Of The World! China is First Country To Hit All 5 Stages Of Blueprint To Recovery“, published earlier that day.

The Variety story then got picked up around the world with publications in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America all running the story. Coverage included: Yahoo News!;; Cine Asie, Marseille News (France); China Film Insider, DVBCN (China); Global Economic (Korea); NewsBytes (India); Zing News (Vietnam); and Exibidor (Brazil).