Gower Street has launched a new version of its Road To Recovery report, focused exclusively on the domestic market. Having already introduced a market-by-market international report, the new Road To Recovery report looks at data across each US state and Canadian province.

As in markets around the world, the domestic market has felt the devastating impact of the COVID-19 virus. Box office is currently tracking 38% behind 2019; while Gower Street estimates that, compared to an average of the past three years, the domestic market has lost over $1.5 billion in 2020 so far.

With the virus yet to hit its peak in the US or Canada, the number of active cases across both countries continuing to grow, it is unclear how long shut-downs will continue. In the US, guidelines for re-opening some businesses have been proposed and the planned duration of stay-at-home orders vary significantly from state-to-state. This week Georgia’s governor announced that theaters in the state would be allowed to re-open from April 27, though many exhibitors have suggested they would not be ready to do so. In others, where allowed, drive-in theaters are offering a mix of current, recent and classic programming, with more theaters opening each week.

This report offers a state-by-state view of what is happening daily to help the industry track the situation and identify early signs of recovery that could provide guidance for other states and provinces. As well as year-to-date box office; number of theaters open; and the growth of the virus; each page features localized comment (see our sample page for Idaho below).

We have also identified the key markers of our 5-stage Blueprint To Recovery for each state and province, as well as for the domestic market as a whole. We previously published these markers for the US and Canada.

Gower Street will regularly be adding new features to this report. Both the international and domestic versions of the Road To Recovery report are available on our Reports page.