Gower Street was invited to take part in Comscore webinars for Germany and Spain last week, presenting the latest recovery information. Gower Street’s Chief Analyst of Theatrical Insights, Thomas Beranek, took part in the German edition on Tuesday, Nov. 10, while CEO Dimitrios Mitsinikos was a panellist for the Spanish event on Friday (Nov. 13).

The German webinar was hosted by Bernd Zickert, General Manager Germany, Austria, Netherlands & Turkey at Comscore Movies. The Spanish webinar was hosted by David Rodríguez, General Manager Spain & Portugal at Comscore Movies.

Both Thomas and Dimitrios discussed the latest update of our “Shape of the Recovery” graphic for the period of 2020 since August (below, left) in comparison to full-year 2019 (below, right). They looked at how the proportions of box office taken in Germany and Spain had remained relatively consistent compared to other markets; and where the real global changes were seen.


They also shared the latest data from the Global and Regional Growth Trackers in our Road To Recovery report. Looking at the changes wrought on the number of cinemas open by market share globally since early October, these showed the impact state/region and full-market re-closures across much of the EMEA region had had on the global footprint. These featured in our Recovery Reflections article last week.

A snapshot of latest Blueprint To Recovery Growth Trackers for the six major EMEA markets was also shared.

On the Spanish webinar, Dimitrios also looked at a case study for local hit FATHER THERE IS ONLY ONE 2, on which Gower Street consulted with the film’s producers to evaluate the commercial potential of different release dates over a range of months. Dimitrios looked at how the family comedy sequel compared to its 2019 predecessor in terms of box office over time; percentage drops by play-week; and local market share across the first eight play-weeks.

The full Comscore Germany webinar is available to watch below. The Comscore Spain webinar can be accessed here.